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15 years of Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s anniversary sale !

Yup Urban Decay makeup has been around for 15 years this week.

They are having a crazy sale at to celebrate. Right now everything from glitter body art sets to copper eyes shadow to Body jewelry temporary tattoos and much more is on sale  Go now and grab stuff up fast it is selling out fast.

So go here now and get great makeup on crazy anniversary sale.

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LJ is killing accounts that are not showing any posting activity.
So if you have a LJ you use, but you do not really ever post in.
Be smart and post something in it weekly once so you do not get it axed
good for now

Still alive

I am still alive,
I am knee deep in so much work
We got a dry eraser board and a ton of other things so now everything is easy to keep track of.

I am a pro at juggling plates at this point.

I still do check LJ daily so I am keeping track of every one here.

If you want more of my fast updates go hit up my FB,Twitter and blog all the links to all that can be found at my almost has everything it should have on it Web site.

Go look around it, it got real info on it. Like a great deal of the clients I have had and such..
I have done a ton of stuff with a ton more to go.

Now I think of all the work I could get done if I just did not have to sleep.
woot !
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I always get what I set out to do.

One thing I know to be true, what ever I set out to do, I do. It might take years but I always get it and when I do it always seems to be bigger then I thought it ever would be.
This is why I say with out kidding

"I am Evelyn and I can do anything"

This happened at Maker Fair NYC this year and I have been sitting on my hands about it ever since. In 2013 I will have the first in a set of fashion books on Steampunk Fashion that will be published by . The first book is going to be primer on the international style trend and the books to follow will be "how too"s on making the clothing that fits this trend. I have work from the premier designers in this trend and from haute couture design houses as well. The past 10 years of work I have done is going into making this book something like you have never seen. It's going to be a collection of some of the best art in fabric and accessories ever published.
I have emailed some of you about this already but with the new year and my deadlines coming up to get this thing done in time for the 2013 release I am now going to be pulling a lot more of you who I have worked with over the years in on this. This, I hope, will be the chance a lot of you should have to shine and get your talent out there. So that's one of the things I have been working on for a very long time progressing toward becoming something helpful and worthwhile.
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good for now

First post of 2012

I think what I am doing is working so I am going to keep on doing it.

This years theme for me is DO NOT WASTE MY TIME.

If you waste my time, effort and help you are fucked as I will not help you any more and you get to be where ever it is you are.

So thank me for my help, do what I tell you to do if you ask for my advice, pay me or you get nothing and get to never go where you wanted me to help you go.

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This is what I put together in less then 2 weeks.

Send out email telling bands and artist "I would like to put together a sound track for a book". I thought at the time I would be lucky to get like 5 of them to reply and go"Ok" what I got was over 20 of them and thus we filled two albums of music. The really crazy thing is a lot of the music was made after they read the book. This whole project was thought of, and put together and done in less then 3 weeks. I did all the art for the album and all the promo poster stuff you see around.

The bands are great and you should go and buy this. The publisher is selling the CD at cost so it gets out there and you hear and know about this music. The whole point of these two Albums is so that the bands get out there and people know there music and also so you know about the best book written this year.

Its selling really well almost broke the Amazon top 100 music last week I hope with in the week it will brake the top 100. Book sales have also gone up so its helping that as well.

This is what I can do when I am let to do it.
Also proves that whole saying "Behold the power of Evelyn"
And I was told that doing a sound track for a book was silly.....

Also Tickets are selling out for our NYE event, if you want them and to get $40 off on the tickets for this saturday go here
On my web page there is a promo code that will save you $40 off the NYE Ticket. Go use it and come and ring in the new year with us.

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Mina from league.

Steampunk Music Video Casting call for this Friday November 18th 2011


Steampunk Music Video Casting call for this Friday November 18th 2011

 This Friday in LA, MSAN Ford Casting is Casting Neo Victorian Steampunk dressed Extras for the music video of Nicki Minaj and David Guetta . 

*All extras who are cast will be paid

*Casting call starts at Friday, November 18th, 10am - 2pm

*You must be over the age of 18 

*All shapes and sizes are needed

*Please come to the casting in your very best Neo-Victorian/Steampunk clothing

*The video shoot is happening next week

For those of you unfamiliar with what Steampunk is, please look here: WHAT IS STEAMPUNK  or HERE 

If you are available this Friday for casting please email the following to

*The subject line of the email must be 

 "Evelyn Kriete sent me to be cast for the Steampunk music video" 

Within the email please list:

*Your full name 

*Your height

*Please attach a good clear photo of your self no bigger than 300 DPI

Yes I know this is extremely short notice but I am certain enough of you will see this, have what they're looking for, and be able to get a great part in a great music video.