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High Seas Steampunk Film Festival
March 16-23, 2013

Open to the world of film makers!

For anyone who cannot make it to this year's Steampunk Cruise, you can now be there in talent. If you are a filmmaker or an aspiring filmmaker, if you have a documentary or a web series you would love to show, this is the film festival for you to enter. This festival is open to everyone worldwide. We have 7 days to showcase your masterpiece in the theater onboard the ship and we would love to show our guests your masterpiece. So if you have a Film, Short, Documentary, or Web Series that falls under the umbrella themes of Neo Vintage,Vintage, Anachronistic, Historic, Steampunk, Pulp, Dieselpunk, Classic Sci-Fi, Lovecraftian, etc, submit your work and try for a spot in our film festival and wow the people who come on the steampunk cruise with your talent. There will be fantastic awards for Best Film, Best Short, Best Doc, and Best Series, along with the winner of The Strange Case of Mr. Salad Monday short film contest. So whether you're in the US or far away Tanzania, if you have something you have filmed or that you will have filmed by the deadline that you feel would fit this Film Festival, do not be shy: send it in and good luck!

The High Seas Steampunk Film Festival seeks to bring together the best of classic and contemporary filmmaking from around the world. Over seven days, the Festival will showcase a diverse collection of both studio and independent films, documentaries, shorts, and series.

The Festival welcomes seasoned filmmakers, new talent, and enthusiastic amateurs alike. Our goal is to bring together the most innovative and artistic pieces where they can be celebrated and enjoyed.

Award Categories are for Best Feature, Documentary, Short Subject, and Series.

Any questions please contact steampunkfilmfestival@gmail.com

March 16-23, 2013
RSVP for the Cruise here
RSVP for the Film Festival here
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